2000 yz426f spark plug

How do I get the mo-fo out!? Is there an easy way?

You can get in there with a 6" extension, 3/8" drive wobbler, and standard spark plug socket. My spark plug socket has a rubber insert that will hold the plug so it will just come right out after. If you don't have that, you use the spark plug cap itself and push it back over the top, or a piece of fuel line, or long tweezers ...

You could also make the insert to your spark plug socket by just cutting short piece of fuel line and jamming it inside the socket.

Well, first off the tank has to come off...

If you have access to compressed air you can unseat the plug boot by pressing an air nozzle up to the drain hole for the plug cavity (hole about 2 mm in diameter on the right side of the cylinder head). Pull the trigger and the cap pops off. It is also a good idea to blow that cavity out anyway so that whatever dirt that has found its way down there will not end up in the motor when you remove the plug.

A 5/8" plug socket with a wobbler extension will get the plug out. The bike also came with a small socket-like plug wrench from the dealer if whoever sold you the bike thought to give that to you...

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help! I assumed it would be the extension / 3/8 universal but thought I would ask.

Hick, is that what that hole is for? I was looking at it the other day bewildered...

I'm sure that if the plug cavity wasn't vented moisture would build up to the point that the connection would corrode or the spark would arc.

If you don't pressure wash your bike or live/ride in a wet climate this is probably not as much of an issue. For me (live in the dez, no mud, no humidity, just air and sand) that hole is the "pneumatic plug boot removal orifice."

I nearly ruined the boot, or where it connects the coil wire core to the plug terminal, on my '00 from yanking it out of there before I heard about using a blast of air to loosen the boot. Now I put dielectric grease on the plug before I install it so the boot comes off easier (not that I need it to since discovering the removal orifice).


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