Bigger tank IMS or Clarke?

I would like to get at least a 100 miles to a tank.

I am looking at the IMS 4.6 or Clarke 4.2 is one better

than the other in quality? anything else i need to know

about either one?

thanks jeff

Hi JWS, I ride with a couple of other Pig Riders. They got the IMS 3.2 tank. It is a good tank, looks good & good fit and finish. I was going to get one of those too. Then one day out at Lake Morena we came across a group of riders. One guy had a Clarke 4.3. We put the IMS 3.2 tanked XR next to the Clarke 4.3 tanked XR. The 4.3 is just a little bit wider and IMHO looks a tad cooler. Fit and finish are great. Now, the IMS 4.6 IMHO is Butt Ugly, :) but hey, that's just my opinion and my story and I'm sticking to it! :D

Got the Clarke 4.2 and no gripes. Good value for the $.

anyone with the big IMS tank


There aren't any 'cause they're too Butt Ugly! Get the Acerbies Umpty Gallon Tank. That looks twice as good as the IMS Goblin Tank (4.6)! :)

Have a Great Ridin' Weekend My Thumper Bud's. :D

ill get the clarke! it was my fist choice, i just wanted to here what others had to say. funny that no one likes the 4.6 IMS.

thanks everyone. jeff :)

I like my Clarke 4.3 :)

The only issues with the Clarke 4.3 is that your seat will have a small wrinkle in it where it climbs up the tank and you've got to tip the bike to one side to get all the fuel out of it, but I'd buy it again. A 100 miles is no problemo with the Clarke 4.3 and you don't have to fill it full if you don't want to. The red color matches the Honda red very well, but they also have a natural color that allows you to see how much fuel you have in the tank. It bolted right up without any problems.

Clarke also sells their defective tanks and customer returns at a huge discount, but they don't have them very often and they won't put your name on a list to call you when they get one. You have to call them every so often and just hope they have one in stock when you call. I believe they sell these tanks for about $65 or so.

Acerbis do a rally tank for XR650. It's slim just in front of the saddle so you can still grip with your knees. Rear side mounted tanks gravity feed down into the main tank without need for a heavy fuel pump. The colour matches well and it looks good. Don't know the capacity but I've seen it used in rallies requiring a 230km (140 mile) minimum range in desert conditions.

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