Starting Secrets/Hints??

I'm new to the 03'Crf and haven't found anyone close who races HS with, I have a starting question. I notice that she starts on the 1st kick 50% of the time...if not the 1st, then the 3rd....could that be because the piston wasn't on the firing stroke?...Now, keep in mind, I just ride'em I don't really know how they work....but on my 250f (this is easy to show, but hard to write, so bear with me) you push down the kicker to the hard spot, pul in comp lever, push kicker 1/2 inch or so and it would "catch" again...I was told, if it didn't "catch" then it wasn't on the firing stroke....all I know is this worked 99.9% of the time. The guy that showed me owns a bike shop and he would push the kicker thru the 1st hard spot with-out the comp-lever so he would'nt miss the 2nd hard spot. He now races the 02 426 with an auto clutch and says that finding that 2nd hard spot is even mor important now. QUESTION: is there a "firing" stroke and is there a way to find it on the CRF.

Thanks Abunch,



If you look around you'll find a post on this very subject. I too just bought my new CRF and race hare scrambles. There were a few suggestions.. Warm up the engine good and hot. Put the bike in the gear of your choice and turn off the engine. Be sure not to let the clutch out as to not let any oil on the clutch plates come into contact with eachother. Kick when the flag goes down. At least that is what I got out of the post. There was something about rolling the bike forward and then back till the engine catches(even though the clutch is in). I know this worked with my KX but have not tried it yet on the new bike.

Sorry...mine starts 1st kick with the drop of my foot. I was 3rd off the gate at the Mini O's just playing around. I NEVER have to use the hot start.

I have the same problem. I'll get my bike nice and hot at the starting line. I'll shut it off. Then kick to test it and it will fire first time. I'll go through this a couple of times before the actual start. Then when the start acutally comes around, I'm sitting on the line kicking my bike 3-5 times. Go figure. Must be me because I could start my bike with flip flops on if I wasnt' at the starting line!.

It took me a second to understand the importance of needing to start on the first kick all the time then I realized you were doing dead starts. My best suggestion would be to get the bike well past warm and leaning on the hot side. Then before shuting it off rev it to the moon a few times and shut it off. Find the comp stroke and wait to get started. When Im idling at the gate and waiting sometimes someone will wreck causing a delay. The bike gets pretty warm, Ill do what I suggested above and it 90% of the time starts on the first kick.

ooohps, I forgot to mention that I will be adding the z-start....that's why I was wondering about the "firing" stroke and a way to tell when it twas on that stroke.

Meeh350, you mention the "finding the comp stroke." that the firing stroke, and how do you know when you are there?,



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