XR80/XR100 Clutch Pull

I reviewed some past posts regarding a few people who had hard clutch pull on XR100's.

Has anyone made changes that fixed this problem? If so, how did you fix?

My son's '03 XR80 has the some problem?

Also, the stock clutch lever is so far away from the grip that he has a difficult time reaching it with his small hands.

Are there aftermarket levers/perches available that have a shorter distance from grip to lever?


This is what you need to do, purchase a White Brothers

E-Z Pull Clutch gizmo $36.00, and a Yamaha 2002 YZF 250 Clutch lever $7.00. This fix reduces the required force by

1/2 and reduces the distance the lever from the handle bar.

I have both bikes (100 & 80) and use this on both.

Michael St. John

msj239@aol.com :)

Thanks. That's what I was looking for.

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