DOES ANYONE HAVE A 350X MOTOR? (3 wheeler)

i'm looking for a 350x motor that runs.

Here's one place that at least list them for sale but you can buy a Whole 350 x for that price! I live close buy this place and they do have a HUGE inventory and very, very trick ATV's venturing the 10-15,000 $$$ range. Lots and lots of used parts but you do pay premium bucks for them.

Road 2. Strong motor. They both might still have them. I'll make some calls.

Yea, I know a guy who has a really nice 350x. His name is Michael P. Lischiano. I don't have his phone number but I'll get it for you. I can tell you this though, that he takes excellent care of his bikes and they are basically one step better than the cleanest bikes out there!

I'll have him call you!

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