cold starting

i have a xr650r takes 50 kicks or more when cold to get it to start. once warm it will one kick start all day. before i uncorked it and did the smog block off kit it started two kicks when cold. new intake hrc tip with bd quiet baffle 172 main 68s pilot hrc needle 3rd clip. anything i could of done wrong to cause this start problem? please help!!!!

ps i had a xr600r for 5years always started 1 or 2 kicks hot or cold unless i dumped it then i would do the 10 kick wot comp release and it would start every time. :)

thanks jeff

is your choke on, i find in cold weather i have to move the lever all the way to the front, warmer days the middle works better for the first start, after its running just like you it fires first kick unless i have drop it also un plug your front light for the first kick of the day, some one told me it helps get more spark to the plug.

When I drain the carb then turn the gass back on, mine will start better when it's cold. Sometimes I will lay it on it's side for about 10-15 seconds, after turning the gass off then turn it back on with the choke full on then kick like normal.

I turn on the gas, choke in "hi" position, pull in comp. release, kick 3 times, release comp. lever, get on TDC, and kick like it owes me money...starts every time for kick. :)

If the thing sits in your garage for awhile between rides try this:

Choke Full on

Gas on

Tip it 45 degrees till you see gas dribble out of the carb

Kick it through 5 times with the compression release and WOT

Find TDC

squeeze the compression release and let go

Kick it like it's Usama

I can usually start mine in 1-2 kicks and this was how I used to start my XR600 with a 628 kit.


i think i just need to buy a house on a hill,then i wont have to kick it over when it is cold. :)

When mine won't start I have to be carefull not to float the valves when I kick it.


Here's a couple things to check out in addition to the excellent advice others have offered...

1) Make sure you're using fresh fuel. It only takes a few weeks before some fuels begin to gum or varnish. If you're going to keep the same fuel in your bike for a month or more, make sure to use a fuel stabilizer. Please note that fuel stabilizers will only work on fresh fuel and adding it to stale fuel will do little or nothing. Make sure to drain the float bowl if you're not going to be riding your bike for more than a week. There's a drain screw on the float

bowl to make this easy.

2) Make sure the vent tubes on the carb are NOT plugged up in anyway (very important).

3) Install a fresh spark plug.

4) Adjust your valves to spec. This can make a big difference on how easy or hard your bike starts if they're out of adustment.

5) Adjust your decompressor. After you adjust your valves, you must comfirm that your decompressor is within spec and make any adjustments if necessary.

6) Inspect and clean your carb internally with either carb cleaner or WD40. Make sure your jets are tight. WD40 is a great carb cleaner and the WD40 spray tube works great to spray out the jets and passages. Sometimes small piece of varnish or particles of dirt can clog a jet or interfere with the float needles seat, etc.

I owned a 93 XR 600 and the winters in MT. are pretty cold. The best way my friends and I found to start a cold bike was to pull the plug and heat it for a few seconds with a torch. The bikes always started right up after heating the plug. Don't know if it's hard on the plug but I still do it to start my Yamaha in cold weather.

hey thanks everyone who responded!

my new technique for cold starting is........

turn on gas

choke all the way on

pull in comp. release

kick 5 times (no throttle)

let go of comp. release

find tdc

pull in comp.release

go 1/2 inch past tdc

let go of comp. release

then kick it.......

start first kick every time....................

thanks again for everyones help :):D :D


Hey Rice-aroni 111,

Last time I saw him, Jesus was riding RED!

YeaH Rice! Put...The..Crack...Pipe...Down... :)

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