POLL: TOP 5 03 SX RIDERS? In your opinion!

I did a quick search and with no results.

Heres my .02$.

1. Carmichael

2. Pastana

3. Vuillemin

4. Reed

5. LaRocco

1. Carmicheal

2. Stewert

3. Reed

4. Larocco

5. Lusk

Pastrana's done...at least until the x-games... :)

Bubba is the fastest, but in the end of the 250/450 class. Who will pervail?

I do like Pastrana!

Yogi is a prick! In my opinion. Sorry. There is just something about that guy that rubs me wrong. What bothers me even more, he's got the speed, and closer to my age.

Just my personal opinion. I think Mike Larrocco is one of the most consistent racers out there. For a man in his 30's and still at the pace of the younger guys, he just needs to get a start one of these days. For the past several years, he has been in the top 5, more than most of the others. Mike is my hero.

I like Mike.

I like Mike also....but as you get older you don't take the chances you would like when you were younger. I don't think he will take enough chances to win a championship, but he's still my favorite rider. I just wish he won more.

1.RC 2.Cobra 3.Ferry/Rock

I think Reed ranks up in the top 3 but it's his first year so we'll see what happens, he definetely looks fast. Gotta like the Rock for hangin in thier for all us middle age guys.

I want Larocco to win just because I root for the old guy. I got to meet Ezra at the Kawasaki convention here in San Antonio this summer. He was a real nice guy. He talked to us about a half an hour. Bubba was getting swamped by all the dealers, and seemed really overwhelmed.


RC, Stewart, Reed and Lusk in that order. And Lusk is a recent event. I would have said Viulleimen (spelling?) at the start of the season after the European rounds. But Lusk's recent races have shown he's back and ready.

reed on top, followed by carmichel, pastrona out for season, vullimen,lusk, and ferry


2)Rock, and...

3)Whoever else straps on the determination that particular night. Consistency is a true indicator of professionalism, and Proper Prior Preparation.

I could be wrong, but I'm not! :)

1. RC

2. Pastrana

3. Stewart

4. Reed

5. DV

1: RC

2: Reed/ Bubba- Close, real close

3: Travis, yeah, I believe he out for awhile

4: Preston (hey, he's up there :))

5: It a toss up from there....


1. RC

2. Lusk

3. Reed

4. Bubba

5. Rock

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