Best Looking Yz450f!!

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1365369936.406452.jpg

these look great

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Just got this '04, went with a nice bright decal job for the dunes this summer, now all i need is an exhaust (stock one on it is bent to sh*t, but its better than the WR can the guy had on it!)ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1366004180.936195.jpg

Yes or no?

picking it up next week! 07


IMG_0776.JPGJust Thought I'd Throw my Ride in the Ring...Just Purchased out of Kelowna in April 2013.. 09 yz450. Haan Wheel ,FMF.Supersprox-13/50, DID ,Wiesco piston, Maxxis Desert IT 120/90 rr / Dunlop 80/100 mx71 ft, Graphics, and a whole ton of other dudads. (It was all white with devil graphics when I got it)....Spent the last 2 weeks Detailing and adding about $ 700 in investment $ 5200

Great Web site..Tons of great Info..Cheers..

So Who's judging this Contest?..

Some great looking Rides..Have an awesome spring time..

CheersIMG_0761 - Copy.JPGIMG_0762.JPGIMG_0765.JPGIMG_0776.JPGIMG_0774.JPGIMG_0777 - Copy.JPG

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Very nice boss

Thanks Sid.. Lot'sa Bikes here..tried to be deferrent..hard with all the same graphics co. out there.( Acually 2 mixed kits) But it worked out!

Cheers En

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Picked this 03 up back in January. Had it set up for ice racing but didnt get any pictures. Still has the original tires on it and they look almost new.


Wow great looking 03! looks new, That motor is a beast...Brappppppppp"




Wow great looking 03! looks new, That motor is a beast...Brappppppppp"

Nicest looking 03 I'v seen..I Thiink You Get the Cleanest 03' Award..Cheers

How the hell do you guys keep your bikes so clean?! It would take me DAYS to clean my bike as much as the ones in the pics here.

I Figure it like this,You spend thousands on a Bike,why not keep the Machine Clean and Running Great.. I Even use Tooth brushes..& Time..It's the Best way to go over every part of your bike..

Helps keep an eye on all the little things and Possible potential problems.Or... you can throw a sponge at it and put it away.

Once you have your bike clean,It's way easier to maintain it!

I spend probly an hour cleaning it after a Ride. Every time I do a Chain lube I clean all my sprockets,rims and hubs, spokes..

While it sits in the shop all week I end up doing small details: Eng Mounts,Linkage, engine cases..etc Easy to pick away at it.

So...How grungy is your ride? IMG_0776.JPGIMG_0725.JPGIMG_0742.JPG

By the way this bike has over 120 hrs on it!

And About 10 hrs on New plastics!


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09 450 looks better now, since I got backgrounds on it.


Won't have stock graphics for much longer! Gotta get rid of the "yellowed" tank graphic. My '03 450



My 08 yz450. Just got new graphics got to get the new number plates.ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1369353630.565624.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1369353651.191552.jpg

Lets see some more anniversary editions!!!!!

sand dunes 012.JPG

sand dunes 013.JPG

Just picked up this 07' Limited Edition with 2 hours on it! Previous owner rode it twice and it scared him to death. Traded my 07' CRF250x straight up for it which made us both very happy. Sorry for the stock graphics but I think I will leave them since it is a Limited Edition.

Here are the mods I have done so far:

- Carb rejetted

- GYTR off-road flywheel 9.21oz.

- Boysen Quickshot 3 Accelerator pump

- GYTR skid plate and water pump guard

- Cycra Hand Guards (not pictured)

Heading to Durhamtown Plantation in Georgia next weekend and can't wait!ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1369481613.980638.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1369481719.816398.jpg

Just did a facelife on mine. What do you guys think?


ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1370828665.061468.jpg

My 2004 yz450f

my 04



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My 11" ready to go this year.






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