Best Looking Yz450f!!

my 09 yz450f. Pic is the advertisement pic of the bike before i bought it and only picture i have of the bike alone. So the stand is not mine




ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1372159859.392948.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1372159890.967189.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1372159969.178928.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1372160009.839424.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1372160058.037140.jpg. My 2012 yz 450


08 . New to me about 2 months ago . I'm not sure it had 30 hrs on it when I picked it


Here's my 2011. Equip with Factory Connection suspension, ODI bars, Vortex Ignition, Jgr seat & graphics, gytr full exhaust, etc...




ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1383231734.505553.jpg


pretty stock , keeping the things clean is the biggest priority for me. The stock stuff is in hibernation waiting for resale day, so that is basically the only reason i am using any "graphics kit" at all --- but if some good red and white euro replica graphics came along, i would snag them up


where did you get those graphics? i like

Fresh 09, about to do some more mods



where did you get those graphics? i like


If it was this bike  (I had a couple of these YZF's from this vintage)  --  That's a stock  Yamaha  GYT-R radiator shroud kit with Decal Works  T-2 (maybe T- 1 ? )  backgrounds -- background color is  RM Yellow,  which is brighter than the standard yellow background   --- seat was an out of the box SDG bump seat


I loved the way this bike looked -- nothing on there that didn't belong






Here's mine from Spain


2012 YZ450F (Euro model)


KYB Revalved Front Fork: 0.50 kg Ohlins Springs

Ohlins TTX: 58 N Spring

Twinwall 996

Kevlar Grips

UFO Plastics

Uniracing stickers

XTRIG Top Clamp with PHDS

DID 520MX Chain

JTSprockets 13-50

Pirelli 554 Tyres

ZETA levers and clutch perch

Other ZETA parts






{style_image_url}/attachicon.gif IMG_0776.JPGJust Thought I'd Throw my Ride in the Ring...Just Purchased out of Kelowna in April 2013.. 09 yz450. Haan Wheel ,FMF.Supersprox-13/50, DID ,Wiesco piston, Maxxis Desert IT 120/90 rr / Dunlop 80/100 mx71 ft, Graphics, and a whole ton of other dudads. (It was all white with devil graphics when I got it)....Spent the last 2 weeks Detailing and adding about $ 700 in investment $ 5200

Great Web site..Tons of great Info..Cheers..

So Who's judging this Contest?..

Some great looking Rides..Have an awesome spring time..

Cheers{style_image_url}/attachicon.gif IMG_0761 - Copy.JPG{style_image_url}/attachicon.gif IMG_0762.JPG{style_image_url}/attachicon.gif IMG_0765.JPG{style_image_url}/attachicon.gif IMG_0776.JPG{style_image_url}/attachicon.gif IMG_0774.JPG{style_image_url}/attachicon.gif IMG_0777 - Copy.JPG

Kramer, I just bought an 09 a month ago and I'm ordering these graphics after my cycras get here. (1 big purchase a week) . Glad I got to see them on another 09 1st. It looks better than I thought. How does the seat cover feel? Is it good & grippy? I love how it looks, but not sure how it performes. I'm about to order another SDG step seat tonight, unless you say this seat works good. Also, did you use VHT caliper paint? What color is that? It looks cooper, but man it looks sick! I would like to find that color to, it looks "factory". I likey:) good looking bike, I can't wait to see how mine comes out. I've ordered a ton of goodies this month & have my bike apart putting them on as they come in. I'll post a before & after.

I bought an 09 this summer. It has a few mods (even more than I know about still). This is how it sits now, but I am searching for graphics to replace these. Oh and I need to get my back wheel back on. Threw my dads 09 in there as well. Although that's fully stock.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1387076313.671435.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1387076353.413843.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1387076411.610159.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1387076484.276374.jpg

My 2011 YZ450 timbersled. Lime nine tunnel wrap. Waiting for my black seat cover to be shipped. My 2006 YZ450 is hiding in the back.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1387088057.468607.jpg

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ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1387642425.186441.jpg

Bone stock 2013, and my favorite little buddy (my son)

My beauty! Need to get 199 on her


My 07



I traded my Raptor 700 for an 06 YZ450 back in December. I did a dual sport conversion and a few other goodies, This weekend will be the first time really riding it so I'm a bit nervous and excited to get back on two wheels. I have these tires until I get a sent of Sm wheels and I put the geomaxes back on for trail riding. I'll get a better picture on the trail this weekend but I wanted the throw this on up for now.


My baby



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