Brake Insulators

I'm getting ready to install the extra rear brake insulator pad on the rear brake for better heat dispation. My question is, do you add to the calipar side only or both sides? Also, would this work on the front brakes as well? Thanks! :)

I put them on both sides but now that you mention it the one on the slave cyl side is the only one thats going to help.

If the brake insulators don't help cool your brakes the Caliper Cooler from Devol will fix all your over heating problems. I got one and it works very well. I purchased a round muffler to provide the correct clearance as they suggested. Great product.

D Frame

Just for the record, I have never had a brake problem. I just figured that while I had them apart to put in new pads and clean that I would do the suggested mod. :)

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