canadian wr webite

anyone have the website for the canadian cycle shop? i am getting the feeling i am getting a run around from my dealer. i called him last monday and he said my bike was shipped and it would arrive friday or saturday.i called saturday and he said it didn't get there yet try again monday. monday i called and he said your bike isn't here yet but it is in the state. i call today and he says oh they just got a huge shipment in and they don't know if my WR is on there or not.i wonder what he'll say tomorrow!!

I feel for ya! Maybe you should go down there and personally check the shipment. =) It's tough to get one of these things right now if you weren't one of the lucky ones with a dealer that treats you right. I was having one shipped from a Texas dealer until I got a call this morning with some story about it being shipped to the wrong dealer so they couldn't sell it to me.

my dealer called me back a little while ago and said it's on the truck on it's way to the shop. he'll call me when it gets there. i won't hold my breath!

go to You can do a dealer search on there and click on more info and web sites will be listed. I have a spread sheet of all lower BC dealers with web sites, maps, distances and how they treated me when I called. PM if you want it.

To be fair to that dealer I've gotta tell ya that Yamaha Motor Canada is the pi$$-poorest bunch of sorry a$$-hole$ on the planet! From a dealer standpoint they are the one of, if not THE WORST O.E.M. to deal with. They can never get product to us in a timely fashion, their tech help guys don't know $hit, and generally the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

If any part that you need goes to back-order, count on a couple of weeks down time and even worse, if you have a problem with your Yamaha product while it is in warranty, you might as well just lube up and bend over right beside your dealer. Thier attitude is if the almighty Yamaha built it, then it is perfect, and if something has gone wrong it is either the dealer's or the customer's fault. Oh - and if it's even one frickin' DAY out of warranty - forget it!

YMC is trully awful, and your dealer could just be telling you whatever B.S. that Yamaha has been telling him about delivery dates. You can be sure that half the people at YMC don't even know what a WR450 is, the other half don't care, and basically no-one knows where the heck they are!

Thus ends my rant for the day. I feel much better now.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I received the first WR 250 F that came to Calgary in early January/01. Right from the start, the bike didn't run properly, and was a bear to start. It was determined that the culprit was the throttle position sensor. My Dealer laughed at the suggestion Yamaha cover it under warranty, leaving me hanging with a $300.00 invoice for a new one. I phoned Yamaha Canada, and talked "nicely" to one of their tech's. He was very knowledgable, and a super nice guy. He sent me out a brand new TPS that he had sitting on his test bench, no charge, and I sent him my old one.


It just goes to show, it's not what you say but how you say it. Was the sensor flat out defective or just too temperamental to start on a consistent basis?

I cant remember the exact spec's, but it wasn't putting out enough ohms. :)

Dang, I had it when there are resistance problems, guess that's why Metamucil was made! :) ... :D ... :D

Good to know problems like this do occur before I pull my hair out on a not so common problem. Man, I love this site!

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