chain and sprockets

looking for input on chains and sprockets for a 03 crf 450. iam using the bike for motocross novice class plus 30

I use renthal sprockets 13/51 and DID 520 ERT Gold chain, been using these for years with no problems. :)

Use a good quality O-ring chain such as D.I.D.,RK or Tsubaki. If the stock sprockets are good you can use the o-ring chain and get good life out of them. I have this combo and have 8 months on the bike with two chain adjustments. If your sprockets are worn use Renthal,Titax or Ironman. After washing your bike spray WD-40 on the chain to displace the water. :)

some people say the stock rear sprocket is junk mine is new should i just go for both or just a chain for now. i've heard the stock chain can break easy

Just put did x-ring and ironman sprockets. So far I haven't even had to adjust the chain yet (2 mx races so far-2 classes-open int. and 250 open)

1 year warranty on sprockets, I figured you can't go wrong with that if you are on a college student/part-time-worker-for-a-small-wage budget.

I just slapped on a DID ERT chain. I used the stock sprockets. The ERT chain seems like you never have to adjust it once it is on the bike.

throw that stock chain away before it wrecks your sprokets. run a oring and lube and clean with WD40. Works for me. P.S. be sure to flip your counter sprocket over to alow for clearance between chain and your case. A shim will work too. but this worked for me. Good Luck.

I have very good luck with DID X-ring chains and SunStar Steel sprockets

I use a stealth 51 tooth rear, whilst it is good quality and i love it it, it does have a draw back and that is that the rivets hit the rubber in the chain guide. I had to cut holes in the rubber because it annoyed the hell out of me.

D.I.D. X-ring and use that setup till your stock sprockets wear out. Change it NOW.

I agree, scrap the stock chain asap. I went with a front and rear sprocket from sprocket specialists. And an RK XSO O ring chain. I flipped around the front sprocket, for clearance on the O :) ring chain, and so far its been great.

Do you know what size shim to use behind the countershaft sprocket for an o-ring chain? I heard you can use an automotive valve shim, but I don't know what size. Thanks for any info! -Tim

.0030 shim worked for me. :)

You can get an .015 an .030 and an .045 for about a quarter. I think I used the .030 but just measure the old chain with the shim that gets you = with the thickness of the new chain and you should be good to go! You can lay your old and new chain down side by side on their side, place a shim under the old chain and see if it is the same heighth as the new chain.


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