My 01 426 has a hard clutch pull. has anyone used the MSR Raptor clutch lever and perch? The Rocky MT. ATV catalog says this combo won't work on my year and model of bike. If so can you guys give details, part numbers ect. Thanks

I have one on my 01 426. It works great, clutch pull is much easier.

The info on the package reads,

MSR ADJ CLUTCH STAND BLU (Stand is for standard length, they also make a shorty)

Mfg# 2KLU003


Hope this helps.


I have the MSR Raptor Clutch lever (shorty version) on my 01 YZ426 and it works great. It fits no problem. What they might mean is the stock easy adjust wont fit the Raptor clutch perch. The Raptor clutch perch comes with its own ez-adjust. I bought the shorty version because I like clutching with my first 2 fingers. Rocky Mountain told me the same thing but I bought it anyway. It does fit.

See post entitled, "Easier Clutch Pull." I bumped it up to the top of this forum. It will help you out for the price of a lever and give you an incredible clutch feel.

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