Crankshaft Nut

Hey Guys,

2000 YZ426, I need some help on the thread size on the ignition side of the crank. Nut vibrated off and messed up the threads on the crank, I need to find a die nut to chase the Threads. :):D

I had to re-thread that part of the crank too. I can't help you with the thread measurement, (my dealer's mechanic had the right die) but any decent hardware store should be able to match it from the nut.

48 mm?!?

If you are talking about the nut that holds on the mag or flywheel it is probably 12 mm. I don't know what the thread pitch is though...

You need another nut anyway, get one and then measure the ID and thread pitch.

Hope this helps (?)

Thread pitch is 1.25

Thanks. But now I'm thinking it is 10 mm, not 12.


Aren't I a lot of help?

yes it is 10mm

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