road legal WR Michigan

looking for any ideas for turning my wr 426 to dual purpose.

Ideas, don't want to buy lighting kit, if I don't have to.

It all depends on who does the inspection for the green sticker. I think Michigan requires, DOT tires, high & low beam, Brake & tail light, rearview mirror and horn. I also think a battery backup is required. I have a 00 WR400 street titled in Mich. and it is stock except for rear brake light, mirror and a squeeze horn. I just purchased a new 426 from the dealer, street legal title with the same mods. (horn,brake light & mirror). So the stock WR can be street titled in Mich. for somewhere between $50.00 and $500.00, it all depends on who does the inspection. If you ask around in your area you fill find out where to take it. Good luck.

I think that you can get away with a brakelight, mirror, horn. That is pretty much all my yz400 has on it. If you know someone that is an officer the inspection will go much better. I got lucky. The officer who inspected mine was clueless.

You dont need blinkers or a battery in Mi.

Having a friend in law enforcement is the best route. If thats not an option, just take it to the Onekema city police for your inspection. They'll be easy on you. LOL. :)

You will not need the battery backup, all the requirements are listed on a form for road conversions available from the Secretary of State. You will probably have to explain what you are planning on doing if the Sec. of St. by you is anything like the one I go to, it took them almost 5 minutes to figure out which form I needed.

I just did this last spring, if I remember right you are supposed to have:

DOT tires

High/lo beam (simple single pole, double throw switch used in conjunction with stock on/off switch). I used my odometer mount as my switch mount since I have a Panoram, this keeps it out of the way and trouble free.

Left side mirror (Acerbis)

Horn (can be cheapie tricycle kiddie horn I think, no specs on form)

Rear brake light (bulb already dual filament, need hydraulic brake switch)

Illuminated licenseplate (nice aluminum one from BajaDesigns)

Hands are sufficient for turn signals

I talked to my local dealer and they have good luck with the police around here. In fact they almost never have DOT tires when they legalize the XR650s. I have a friend who is a cop and he signed my form without seeing the bike, he trusted me :). If you know anyone in law enforcement juat have them sign it. I would recommend the brake and hi/lo no matter who signs your form to keep you out trouble. You can always claim that the horn and mirror fell off that day and that the DOT tires were on when licensed. From what everyone tells me, the cops around the trails are pretty cool as long as you don't ride like a total jerk. My mirror and horn fell off on the first ride. The DOT were on as well :D.

If you would like some pics of my install or info on parts let me know and I'll shoot some your way.

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