Stuttering hesitation & popping on Decel

I have on 02 wr 426 with PC T4 exhaust and hotcams I have been converting to a street legal supermoto for awhile now so I have not been riding much. However tonight I noticed that there is a pretty bad hesitation on acceleration almost like a missifire but more like a stuttering on accel. Also has a bad popping on decel. I might not have let the bike warm up enough when i shot down the road but my new trail tech vapor said the coolant temp was about 138 so I figured it was warm enough. I dont know what jets are in the carb I have not been in there yet. I can adjust the pilot screw all day with no change. I feel I am looking at a carb issue not too sure what route to take with it. The popping I would think is a lean issue I guess the stuttering could be as well. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks

How long have you owned the bike? Is this a new problem and if so starting when? Did you install anything that may have started the problem? More info please!

ok here is the background I have had the bike for about 3 years now and it had the Hotcams in it with the stock exhaust. It ran fine then I put a White Bros pipe on about 6 months after I bought the bike and it still ran fine. After running the WB pipe for about a year I started noticing the popping on decel but never really did anything about it so it is a continuous problem. However I have just put a Pro Circuit head pipe and T4 Silencer on whiule doing my supermoto conversion. I have installed a baja designs dual sport kit and a trail tech Vapor computer. It was dark and about 30 degrees out tonight when I rode down the street so tomorrow I will let it warm up some more and see if it is any different after running awhile.

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