Stock cvk problems

Fellas, I have been running the stock carb for 3yrs now w/o any problems (besides the obvious limitations). I removed the airbox, sealed the openings to the crankcase and intake end of carb and washed my bike. After re-intallation the bike would not idle, only when the trottle was open would it run. I disassembled the carb and couldn't find any dirt/water. What do you guys think could be my problem?

Thanks for any help you may give. Cree

We had a similar problem. You need to take your carb completely apart and clean all the passageways and parts. Then it should run fine. If not, check your plug cap for water condensation. Good luck.

PS - if you've never taken it apart before, beware of internal springs and catapulting parts! :-)

I can take a guess. Maybe some carb vent hoses got pinched when you put things back together, or maybe they are blocked by grime or soapy water. Maybe the carb connection to the engine got bumped and is now loose creating an air leak.

It sounds like one of the jets for the idle circuit are plugged. I had that happen once, it sounds like the same result as you are having. Carb cleaner alone did not work for me, I took a sewing needle and poked it into the jet to break whatever was in there free. Aren't those jets right there at the intake side of the carb. Maybe you didn't seal off the intake as good as you thought. This sounds most likely to me.

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