What the heck???

Alright, I was curious what my Cannondale's resale value was at, NO I'M NOT GOING TO SELL IT... I have been reading other posts about the 'dales not holding their value. That is pathetic. These bike rock...

So, I went to Kelly Blue Book on-line to check it out. The 'Dales are not listed!! Why is this? They have bikes like Exotix, Whizzer, Xingfu, Qinggi, Squire (WR400ROCK rides one of these, he a "squire dancer" :D)... What the freek are these things??? :)

Ok, I'm calm now... How do we check the values? Haven't checked the NADA.

Been through this recently. Its not listed because there was not enough data to support it at the time of printing. As far as the actual resale value (from known sales), you don't want to know. :)

hey I'm looking at a brand new "used" 2002 E440R the bike only has a couple of hours on it. they want 6499.00. is this too much? I have not ridden the bike yet, but I need to move up. I need this bike to last me for a long time (5 young kids, won't get another new bike for about 18 years.) help, help what can you tell me about the dales? or should I go with Yamaha WR450.

I paid (sort of - traded my KTM) about $6100 for my '02 C440 as a 'demonstrator' model; came with a 6 month warranty, new tires and plastic in a box, old stuff still on the bike. It's still using all the old stuff. When I really tear the stuff up I'll switch to the new. FYI, the resale on KTM's will make you sick as well. It's a great time to buy stuff in general, and a bad time to sell.

Check the forums, check 'Cannondaler'. Several bikes were for sale recently for a good bit less.


If you are buying the bike from a dealer which has a reputation of standing behind what he sells negotiate a better price and get him to throw in the D&M tool (Diagnostic and Maintenance tool) to sweeten the deal.

If you are buying the bike from a private owner you should be able to do better than the dealer but definitely buy the D&M tool. Follow Harry’s advice and check out what other bikes have sold for. It is a buyers market.

I did not know that they has the "R" suffix on the 2002.


hey I'm looking at a brand new "used" 2002 E440R the bike only has a couple of hours on it. they want 6499.00. is this too much?

I swore I wasn't going to get into this kind of thing, but...

I won't quote a price on line but we have a brand new not ever used or serviced '03 E on the floor for less money.


I would say thats too much! I paid only $200 more than that last June brand new! I have mine listed in a few places for 5K, so far no local interest, and my bike is mint with many $$ worth of mods and extras. Not a popular bike at all here. I'm working on a trade deal with a guy in CA for a new leftover GasGas. If it doesn't work out I'll PM you if your interested. My bike is all setup, about 20hrs.,all the little bugs fixed and ready to go, and would be $1K less than your price including shipping.

What bout the E in here for 4500??

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