WR450 East of the Mississippi is HERE! With pics

First post with pictures ?

Yeeeeeeesssssss…. My WR450 is in my toy garage.

Pictures below.





It’s been 14 to 20 degrees here (about 12 now), but I will ride it for a little time on a dirt road nearby. I won’t gain much info though. I’ll try to weigh it tomorrow night!

After that I have four days off to get it street legal. I want this because there is a little better trail I can ride on, about 5 miles away that I get to on back roads. There I can better compare it to the WR 426 I had. I basically live on the edge of a subdivision. For all our true dirt biking we have to go 3 ½ to 4 ½ hours.

I love the shape, very MX like, suspension needs to break in, and I need to set the sag.

VERY nice. congrats on the new play toy

wow !! i'll take a quote from the santa clause M&M commercial


till now i thought they were like big foot just a made up story to get everyone talkin !!

Congrats Jim. You are going to love that motor! :)

Thanks for the pics. Glad you got your bike. By the way whats all that white stuff on the ground?

well...... the white stuff is either snow or he really was excited to get his bike

:):D :D :D

Thanks for taking the time to get some photos online for the rest of us! It is SWEET looking!!

WERES MINE ?????????????????????????????????????????????

:D:):D:cool::D:cool::D:cool::D :D ;):D:p:D :D :D:cool::D:cool:

i got home late tonight , but i'll be calling my dealer tomorrow for sure !!!!!!!!! :cool: :cool: :cool:

Hey Jim, trick bike! but whats that yellow thing in the background of your 450 pic? See you this week. Oh, as for the street legal horn. You can have it for a free ride on your 450. Looks like I'll have to wear the bucket cam this year ah.


Mike Desrochers

02 WR426


I'm a believer!


its just a helucination!its not real! :Dnobody really has them!its a government consperacy! :)

Congrats Jim,

Nice bike I know your going to love it! :):D

Picked mine up this evening from a dealer in eastern Oh.

Can't wait to put the studs on and try it out this weekend.

What areas of Mich. do you ride the most? We mostly ride Wolverine,Mio and Grayling.Any areas you can suggest?

Too bad that pretty blue bike has to share the garage with that yellow thing.

Nice pics. What is that white stuff all over your driveway??

Please find a good scale to weigh your bike on soon. I must know how much this bike weighs.

What are the gear ratios (should be in the manual, also probably unchanged from last year)?

What is the final drive ratio (sprocket teeth)?

What is the exhaust made out of (steel or Al)? Hard to tell from the pics. Looks like the coolant catch continues for the '03 model year though...


what, pics of the new ride, but no pics of you pushing the happy button? :D:)

good luck with new baby. take good care of her.

racer36 :D

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