Anybody see a NEW US 450F for less than this?

2003 YAMAHA YZ 450F - brand new, only $5899 + tax, lic, doc, , Alba Action Sports, 12555 Poway Rd just 15 minutes N of Qualcomm Stadium, call (858)486-4380 ask for CORY.

I called on this to be sure it's not BS. he told me it is a one only "loss leader" (vin #612900 only) but who cares, for me in Kern county it's 6424 OTD. Call "Cory". I don't know these guys or have any interest in this other than seeing some fellow TT'er get the DEAL. $5899 is a smoken price for a NEW YZ450F, less than guys have been asking for used here! It's a 4 hour one way drive or I'd be ON IT.

Tell him you saw it on ThumperTalk!. :)

I was talking to a dealer in hayward and he said they were selling them at 5799 plus fees.That is a great price.If you want their number use the find a dealer and use zip 95117.

Thats a Good Price. I'd bought one in Cali for that price. :)

They just don't get it.............

Thats why I have two Canadian models in my Garage....... eeehhhhh

What were the fees, doc, + etc.

A lot of people have warned me that dealers place ads like that and tell you what you want to hear on the phone. Then, when you get down there all hot and ready to buy the bike they pull one of several scams, 1) The "loss-leader" has been sold 2) the fees, doc, set-up, + prep are outrageous bringing the OTD to over $7,000, or 3) The ad was a mistake.

Why would any dealer have to have a "loss-leader" on this year's hottest bike? If it sounds too good to be true...

Be careful, don't get taken after driving 4+ hours.

Good Luck,

Joe will sell them to you all day for $5700 or $5800 out the door.(cannot remember which as the crf and yzf are within a hundred bucks) no scams or bs. in fact my buddy bought a yz426 from them new last year for 4900 otd. can't beat that!

Whats a "loss leader"?

It's no B.S., I know what questions to ask. :D

AS I put in my post the OTD price is $6424. That includes the fees. It's a cool bike but with supply catching up with demand only one thing will happen in the free market...prices come down. :)

And buying used doesn't save those fees. It's not "fair" in my book but, you still have to pay sales tax and transfer fee on a used bike.

( A loss leader is a product advertised at a good price to generate traffic at the dealership. Check the car ads in any Sunday paper and you'll see a bunch of them!)

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