Moose Expedition apparel

My Moose Expedition jacket arrived today. The pants are on three-week backorder. I am pretty fired up about the quality and fit of the jacket. :D It took me several months to decide what I wanted in dual-purpose apparel.:) The jacket has plenty of pockets and folds into an integrated fanny pack. I will be very pleased if the pants are of equal fit and quality.

I am looking for comments from others using Expedition about how these work out on the trails.

I just got the Moose XCR pants for Christmas from the wife and I was really impressed by the quality and attention to detail... lots of ventilation, leather inside of the knee, roomy (good feature for the over 30 yr old riders), lined and triple stitched.... man, I almost sound like a salesman for the company (I'm not).

I wonder why their stuff isn't in more retail stores... I have never seen a motorcycle store who carries a good selection of their apparel.

Anyways, congrats on the new duds... its fun as hell getting new stuff in the mail.

Cautious, I have the pants, just got the jacket. Haven't tried them yet. Looks like good stuff though.

This last L.A.-Barstow-Vegas dual sport ride had rain both days. Alot of rain. There were two guys wearing the moose expedition gear. They were dry, warm and unencumbered by heavy bulky rainsuits. They looked good, felt good and rode good. When it did warm up (relatively) the outfit vents well also. I will be getting this set up for next years ride.I was the guy in the bulky, non-breathing,cumbersome rainsiut. My buddies were the ones with everything from leaky panchos to trash bags with arm holes cut out.

How is the sizing on the Moose Jacket? I've been considering the XCR jacket but not sure what size to order. Did you find that the jackets run small, large or average? It would be nice if the darn store had some in stock to try on but they don't.

I got the large jacket and went a waist size bigger on the pants. I usually wear a medium jacket. The jacket should provide plenty of room for the camelbak, but not be too large.

I bought my XCR Jacket thru Bajadesigns. They said if it was the wrong size I could exchange, no problem as long as it wasnt worn, de-tagged, etc.

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