amazing weekend ride

Last Sunday William (the ClearCreek ranger), my dad, my sister, and myself went riding at ClearCreek. We all had a great time. William gave us a great tour, and showed us areas of clearcreek we never knew existed. It was like we were flying the entire time. It's now Tuesday, I'm back at work, still sore, and thinking of all the fun I had.

Life is good.


Sounds good. Nice to know someone on the inside. No pics?

sounds like you guys had a great time, nothing beats a great ride in the woods. its addictive isnt it.......-jamie

C'mon man, don't tease us with this great ride story and not provide pics! :D

I didn't take my digi camera on my ride on Saturday cause I was afraid it'd get wet. Tahuya was a blast! :)

Matt, you hooked up with a quality person! William has been a friend to the OHV community since he was hired as the Recreation Planner for clear creek around 1994. Later he volunteered to be the law enforcement ranger at the creek.

He has many friends in the OHV community including the current National Enduro champ, Mike Lafferty, who gave him customized hand guard inscribed with his nickname "Dirt Ranger".

He is an honorary member of the Salinas Ramblers and was recognized in Cycle News last year for his promotion of the sport.

Now I understand why you ride in the oil fields around Coalinga.

you guys riding in january suck! It's 0 degrees here, the ground's frozen solid, and no relief in sight. All I can do is read magazines and mess up my bike while pretending to do "maintenance"

I gotta move west...

I rode 35 miles in New England on packed snowmobile trails.

It was 7 deg F.

I think I hate snow mobile whoops more than dirtbike whoops!

Just don't go off the trail though :)

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