Black plastic

Anyone out there replace the red/pink with black yet? I'm thinking about making the switch. JED


I changed all the red to black just to be alittle different and I get more compliments on it than any other rider I know it is really classy for a dirt bike I used Acerbis, front, rear fenders, number plates and radiator shrouds.

I had black plastic on my 01 125. It did stand out, but the black plastic shows off scratches more if you dont take care of it. Right now on my 450 i have red in the front and white in the rear. I like that a lot better but i guess its just personal preference.


Black on CR's just remind me to much of freestylers...

See below,

get compliments all the time. When we arrive at the mammoth Bar track in Auburn, lots of people get off the track and wait because our bikes look so intimidating. I think they are nervous or something. Then my son and I ride onto the track and everybody realizes we ride like crap, and everybody gets back on the track!! LOLOLO Cracks me up. Now they all know us and give us riding tips!! LOLOLO

I'm going black here shortly too. That is good to know that the black shows the scratches since I like hoffy, suck and this could be a concern.

I was considering Yellow too, but don't know how I would like Yellow on a CRF.

A freind of mine put the white plastic kit on his CRF and it looks fantastic! Its from One Industries! Its been on for 6 months now and it still looks great!

Anyone no where I could get a lime green kit for a CRF?

I'm gunna go with all black plastic and then highlight with lots of gold trim! Gold excells, gold pipe gaurd, paint the clutch cover gold, anodize the skid plate gold and also the rear brake gaurd, gold pro-tapers, gold kick starter, gold oil filter cover and counter sprocket cover, gold chain.

Then I'm gunna NAME my bike "BLACK GOLD" OR "TEXAS TEA"

Randy :)

I've seen one of those Yellow's crf's too. Can't think of where, for me........I really don't like it. I do like the set-up, besides the Yellow.


Riding tip #1: you should of never let your son get that 450.

Soon he'll be roosting both of us.

Riding tip #2: The rubber side goes down. LOL


The thing that cracks me up is that people can't figure out what it is, why I don't know. I have to agree with Hoffy, they see the bike and wait to see how I ride. When they figure out that I am no big threat, and it's back to riding. Hahaha!

Plastic's new

web page

Home made shroud graphics because you can't find any for black plastic execpt for One Industires.

web page

When you get up close. the plastics are starting to look a little scuffed and dull now.

I saw a yellow CRF at Elsinore about 2 weeks ago. It looked good. I liked it. But Ive always liked yellow bikes for some reason. I had a Hurricane kit for my YZ on order until I decided to sell it.

I'll do my CRF in the ibike deal from one industries. That look cool.

If I had the money I'd go all red. Red fenders, plates, hubs and rims, grips, and anthing else I could fit on there and be red. Except for the seat, black gripper of course.

off topic but yellow is pretty cool...My yellow kit should come in any day now. I plan to put on custom red flames. Suzuki good looks without the Suzuki :)

There is also blue plastic that looks really cool too. I saw it at DGY a while ago.

When I put the BLK plastics Kit on my old CR250 I received a lot of compliments and I received a few offers for my bike.

A few weeks later I sold it. Now I´m riding a CRF and I´m looking for a used Kit.

Anyone... that have a used kit for a CRF450´02, that want to sell ???

Or... do you know where can I get a good deal on a new one.???


My wife bought me black plastic for xmas and I had purchased the Amsoil graphics Larocco kit and I put that on the black plastic and it looks sweeeet!!!! I haven't put the plastic on my bike yet, waiting for spring. I will post pics towards springtime.

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