I tried searching and there was just too much crap to sift through. I have a quick question. I currently ride an 01 YZ426 and plan to keep it until the wheels fall off. That being said, I am in the market for a WR as well. I cannot decide between a 400 or a 426. I have ridden a 426 but it did not count as it had been taken out to a 450 and had an extra point of compression over stock. So effectively, my experience is nil. The owner of that bike insists that the stock derestricted 426 is much more powerful than a stock derestricted 400. Is this true? Is there much difference? The models I am looking at are a 2000 400 and a 2001 426. Any help would be appreciated. I know all you guys are on the 450 or debating about why you should be, but an answrer to an old school question would be nice. Thanks.

maybe not too many people here have ridden both. no big deal ... i will find somebody one day hopefully. i need a good comparo before throw down the dinero.

The 426 is faster than the 400. There were improvements made to the 426 in addition to the extra cc's. I think I would go with the 426. :) Just my .02 cents.

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