Swingarm Bolt - Help I can't get it out!!!

Tripod definately is correct about the Kroil. The stuff is majic in a can. When I run into the stuck bolt situation I use Kroil and a rivet gun. The rivet gun will get most any bolt out with the constant hitting and vibration. You can buy a cheap one at Harbor Freight or a similar store. You will need to use something like a brass drift in between the rivet set and the bolt. If you dont the rivet set will mushroom out the end of the bolt and then you need to resort to cutting.

Another vote for Kroil-amazing stuff!

Chances are you've got it out by now, but possibly after reading all the posts a combination occurred to you:

Heat with either water or torch and then cool down the bolt more quickly and first via squirting cold water down the hollow bolt center. In theory the bolt would cool quicker than the cases around it and get smaller faster (and break the pressure bond created by the rust expansion).

Another thing that works is patience once you've attained motion. The rust particles can get ground up to smaller size by repeated small motions back and forth once it budges. Eventually they get broken up small enough to allow the bolt/shaft to slide out. Same applies to rusted threads. Back and forth to grind up the particles smaller. A bit of rinse (WD40 etc), if accessable, helps the situation too as it creates more room for grinding the rest of the rust particles by washing away whatever is loose.

SUCCESS!!!! :D:)

Thanks to "ALL" for giving thoughts and ideas. I probably used/tried each and every one.

But here is what worked.....For Me.......

Took the engine mounting bolts loose, tire off, etc.

I cut off the sloted side of the bolt using a drill and a air grinder.

Stuck an EZ out inside the bolt. Put socket over the EZ out. Air impact

wrench on socket. Starting out the bolt would barely turn. So I reversed the

direction of the wrench. Each time the bolt would turn a littler further.

Also while doing this I would put liquid wrench on it and smack the other side with

the 4 lb. hammer.

Well even though I got it turning quite freely it was not coming out any further.

Tried the air impact hammer but it didn't help either.

After about 10 min. of turning with the EZ and stopping to apply liquid wrench, it got quite loose.

But still wouldn't move from side to side.

It was midnite and I was completely pissed by now..... One last blow I said this time with a 2 handed

homerun swing I hit it.

Ahhhhhhhaaaa It moved a 1/4 of an inch!!!! :D but no more as I hit is some more.

I applied more Liquid Wrench and turned some more with impact wrench and EZ out.

And then hit it again. It moved a 1/4 inch again but no more. Kept repeating the above method

and finally got it out 2 1/2 hours later...........

After finally getting the bolt out I realized that even with all the attempt to lubricate. The bolt was still

dry on the left side. Yes i had turned the bike on both it's side tryin to let it seep down in there.

One of the bearings on the left side were completely gone execept for the race. The others

would just crumble with a little pressure.

Getting the races out of one side wasn't bad using a socket of similar size and hammer. However

the other side I had to use the air grinder with a small bit to grind across the race until I just touched

the aluminum. After that use something small to slide under race and pry a little this loosened up enough

so that socket with hammer popped it right out.

I hope this and the links below helps others out that may need it.

Here are links to the other forums that I posted this on.




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