exhaust mods.....and i don't mean end cap

I want to know if it would be worth it to relace the front pipe with a larger tube.I looked at it an it comes out and gets way smaller....but i have not seen inside...I also would like to know if the inside has the normal weld bugers and flow hindering sharp pokey angels....if you changed you whole system would you tell me the pros and cons? :)

I replaced my entire system, with Pro-Circuts T-4. The new headpipes are larger(I don't know how much) and I think I lost a little low end because of it. I'd like to know if someone makes a set of stock size head pipes, but in SS.

If I were to do it again, I'd just get the muffler/spark arrester, and hold off on the bigger head pipes...those dam factory pipes look so ugly! :)

There was post last summer on pipes. Try the White bros E-series. As for the header, there's several places that will ceramic coat the stocker for you. I think Danco did this on his. He sold out and got a KTM and you can probably find him over there or on KTMTalk.com.

A ceramic coated header would help keep your boot from getting too hot.

I got the full Big Gun pipe but it was pretty much a waste of $. Took 3 hours to install and I'll probably need a saws-all to get it off. I was so pissed I scratched thier logo off the pipe. Big headers usually mean loss of low end and torque. They flow good at high RPM but I rarely find myself at 90 mph thinking I need more.

So what you are saying is save the money and spend it else where?there are not enough gains to warant the output of cash on the header...what about end cap mod vs a slip on?

Generally the stock Honda header works very well all round. Any gains with aftermarket are usually in the top end with some sacrifice in the bottom end. Naturally you need a free flowing muffler to get any advantage from new headers. Staintune in Australia makes excellent mufflers and headers. The 650 headers actually make some extra HP down low and plenty more in the top. Thier link is Staintune I know they sell heaps in the States and have many distributors.I have a dyno sheet which I will attach here if I can work out how to do it. But remember jetting must complement the new exhaust otherwise you can actually go backwards.

Yep the Honda stock header is the best bet for keeping the low end grunt of the BRP. But it gets ugly and hot. I sent mine to HPC coatings. www.hpcoatings.com Their coating is trick and functional. It was less than $100 for the header assembly and I paid an extra $30 to have the heat sheild coated in red. Very Trick. Do a search on hear for header and you'll see pics.

I uncorked my Pig right after I got it and used the HRC Competion Baffle. Sounded good and made good power. I just aquired Danco's White Bros. E-Series slip-on. Muey Bueno! You CAN tell a difference! Make way for the Desert Panzer! UHUNT! :)

I don't know much about the 600 exhaust, and there isn't much talk on the 400 board, so I thought I'd ask this. Are your exhausts getting that hot to melt your boots? Excessive heat to that extent could be a result of lean-ness, and/or restriction. Lean mixture will burn closer to the head, whereas a rich mixture would cool the pipe. A restriction would cause a hot spot/area, not allowing gasses to flow fast enough through. Just an opinion, and you know what they say about those . . .

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