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Rick Johnson MX School

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I just took Rick Johnson MX school last Thrursday at Lake Elsinore. If your contenplating on a School to take, this is it.

Very Personable, close one-on-one instructions, very through to details and covers about everything.

I've taken 4 MX class's in my Years and this one is the Best.

A+ Rating

Rick Marion

OTHG Vet Interimediate

OTMX Vet Expert

I'll defiantly do this next year.

How about a spel chic heer. :)

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I've been interested in his classes for a while. I was signed up for one that got rained out. :)

How about an example on something you learned that you hadn't figured out on your own?

Did you do a "before and after" on lap times?

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It's not like buying a new Mod and get imediate results. Its still Practice, Practice, Practice.

He went thru abut everything..

starts, braking, corners, jumps, whoops. More seat time than other class's :D

What made him stand out than the rest is, he broke every aspect down


Starts (body position, weight of body, leg position, weight of legs, throttle, clutch control.

If I told you anymore, you'd know more than me......... :)

Very receptive to Old Timers questions........

His Class's are about 25% more than his competitors, but well worth the Extra $$$$$$$$$$

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