Anybody use a wideband for tuning?

Just curious, but has anyone ever used a wideband to tune there bike. I know it may seem like overkill, but i have an extra aem uego wideband, and i wanted to try and use it.Thanks


What a cool idea.:thumbsup:

I had the guy from DR.D sniff my bike when i went out to Glenn Hellen a month ago.

He said it was 11.9 and would like to see 12.0

Rod went down in pipe about 1 1/2 foot deep.

Wonder what you could make up.

Well i was thinkin about tapping a bung into my pipe that i could cap off airtight. All i really have to do other than that is put 12v to it, and find a spot on the pipe where the temp doesnt exceed 800 degrees. Im thinking behind the kickstart for easy access, and for the sake of the sensor when testing. I dont know how easy it would be to keep it permanent on my bike. I would have get a stator with a lighting output or something.Hoping for some more ideas:smirk:

First thing I do when I get a new bike is install a bung. I use a DynoJet Wideband commander. I am able to record about ten minutes of run time which I D/L to a laptop. I record A/F, RPM and TPS. Using a program I wrote, I chart out the data. No more worndering if it is rich or lean. Still have to experiment a little but I can just ride, record and later analyze. The data does greatly speed up the jetting process as if a particular area is way off, I can make a big change in the jetting instead of slowly making little incremental changes. For example, a main jet change of 5 is about .5 A/F. If I am rich by 1.5 A/F with a 185 main, I know to try a 170. When not using it, I keep it off the bike, plugging the bung. Be sure to source stainless steel or Ti bungs and use a Stainless bung plug.

I would worry that the sensor would take up too much room inside the relatively small pipe

Well, it does suck up some space and it can cause a slightly rich reading because of it (maybe .1 A/f, fairly insignificant). On the dyno, I found it took away about one Hp on a 50+ hp engine.

I really like the aem uego. It also has lamda readouts which are a bit more accurate than ratios, and also has a (0-5v)output for datalogging capabilites. It reads from 10:1 to 18:1. Which is awesome. It comes with a bosch 02 sensor, and mutiple gauge faces.I have one in my car. Most other units are way overpriced.

Jegs has them on sale for $219.00

Keep in mind, unless the unit logs the data, you will have to watch the instrument and ride at the same time. Hard to do on the street, near impossible off road. Be sure it logs TPS, RPM in addition to A/F.

If you had a dynatek ignition you could monitor your tps/rpm/timing and a/f. Im pretty sure it has a 0-5v input, and also offers like 10 min of datalogs.

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