YZ header on WR

The header on my 08 wr450 is smaller in diameter that my sons 08 yz450. I know that this is meant to enhance the low/mid power to match the intended purpose of the bike. So, has anyone swapped to the larger yz or gytr or an fmf power bomb (along with a different muffler..I have the fmf Q4)? What did you notice in power quality/quantity from the header change? By the way, I ride mainly so. cal. desert so mid/upper is used mostly.

I just changed from stock to power bomb and it's amazing how nice the mid range to upper feels. I have used 4 pipes on my WR and the Q4 power bomb is the best combo so far. You will love it.

I got a good deal at AfterburnerMX.

I went with the power bomb and 08yz muffler a lot more power down low and mid range,perfect for me for trail riding.If you use the yz header more top end

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