Anyone install radiator guards w/out draining radiator fluid?

On a 07 Wr450, I'm just being lazy, and wanted to know if anyone has. I just put a stabilizer, and bigger gas tank, and new graphics on the bike and had a hassle with the shrouds not fitting at all! and had to buy oem new ones from Yamaha. The Acerbies wouldn't fit for some reason.

btw, I have the new Acerbies 06 08 YZ shouds if anyone wants them, I have gave the bottom of the shrouds a nip with tin snips trying to make them fit. There free if any one can use them.

It's only one bolt to drain the rad fluid.

I think with my unabikers I half drained the rad and then just disconected the top hose on the rads and unbolted them so I could move them around a bit.

What kind of tank did you install that the shrouds didn't work ?

UFO & Cycra YZ shrouds both fit my bike fine with the IMS tank.

I do go through shrouds but the shipping to Canada kinda kills it :bonk:

WR shrouds are different than the YZ, and acerbis only makes them for the YZ. IF you have an aftermarket tank (IM, Clarke etc) you have to switch to the YZ shrouds. Ooops, my bad, acerbis does make them for the WR, but anyway, WR and YZ shrouds are not interchangable

Thanks, I am aware that it's one bolt to drain, I did say I was lazy!!

they are YZ shrouds, I bought them at the time I bought the 3.1 IMS tank,

but.... they did not come close to fitting missed the lower mount by an inch, so I called IMS, they said to try another set of shrouds, there thinking was it's two different aftermarket products together could be the problem, they were right!, I went to the dealer and bought the oems for a little less then I paid for the Acerbies form just gas tanks, $17.99 ea. I paid $ 20.00 for aftermarkets ( I was surprized ) but they don't have the re-inforced holes like oem's which I liked better,

Here in Canada the OEM ones are $40 a pop :bonk:

The UFO's/ Cycra's were $45 a pair.

$40.00 a pop, That's what I thought too!! it's the reason I bought the Acerbies in the first place. so I thought I was going to bite the bullet and pay twice as much for the oem's.

I installed Flatlands guards on my WR and my YZ and barely had to touch the rads, much less drain them. Just remove the hardware, slip the guard on and install the longer hardware. I did have to trim the inside of the shrouds, but I've crash tested them countless times and I've never damaged a radiator.

+1 on the Flatlands guards. Easy install without draining the radiator and very strong.

i installed unabikers on my 07 wr 450, never drained the fluid

I wish I knew, Oh well I decided to drain the fluid after all, it wasn't a big deal. I bought Moose guards and they gave the wrong ones! had to take them back and order the right ones. Hopefully I will get them before this weekends ride in Cal city.

I'd add my vote for the Flatlands guards too. EZ to install, didn't drain any fluid, and the hardest thing to do on my '02 was to trim the shrouds a bit.

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