NW Riders - Tahuya Saturday the 25th - Mellow Ride

Me and a few friends are going to ride Tahuya on Saturday. If anybody wants to hook up, send me a PM. We'll be meeting at the Elfendahl Pass Staging area at around 8:30 or so in the morning.

:D:) I have to work(McChord AFB) that day.

Are you watching the SuperBowl on Sunday? I'm probably gonna ride on Sunday also if you can make it. I'll be there in the morning and early afternoon and then probably catch the 2nd half of the SB at a tavern in Belfair.

I might be able to swing it. Standby for PM. :)


Me and a buddy were going to go to tahuya on saturday. But I have not been there for like a year.So I was wondering where I could find a map of the area, and directions there?

Thanx in advance!

Hey Switchback,

The weather report just changed. With that and the Superbowl, I'm just gonna pack it in for Sunday and let my gear dry while I watch football. Let me know when you are gonna be in the area again though and we'll hook up. I'm also gonna send you a PM.

Later - Drew

I thought tahuya is famous for "perfect" riding conditions when it's wet!?!? C'mon, you ain't got webbed feet yet :) Kidding- just replied to your PM.

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