Hate to ask but I will "jetting"

99 WR400, never had much problem jetting wise until I had the topend redone recently, new valves. Bike fouled a plug for the first time ever yesterday(just put engine back in), and here's what I'm down to, put jetting back to stock today, 168 main, 45 pilot, 1.5 turns, leaner needle DTP(instead of DTM) 4th clip position, cleaned ACpump, still the plug comes out black and sooty, bike does run better but still coughs out at idle. I guess I'll try cleaning the carb entirely tonight to see what that does. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated........TW

Drop the Pilot to a 42/75 combo.

do you have the BK done?

that'll be the taff mod on his model. do you mind1

Taffy :D:)

Do I Mind ? :)

No, I don't mind :D

If you "need" all the credit for the mod, so be it...

Let me try Again... Drop your pilot and perform Some Dam Mod..

How's That, Better

The BK mod won't work on his carb. :)

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