Race Jersey Printing

Does anyone have a lead on a printer or a graphics shop that does MX Jersey Lettering and Numbering. The place I've been using is too busy to do it any longer and I'm trying to stay away from the Commercial production pricing of (SOCAL Decal)These guys are good but $59.00 per Jersey is about twice what I have been paying.

Thanks in advance....

Bonzai :)


How long is the wait? I have sent my dist#7 application in and when I get my number. I'd like to have some of my jerseys done.



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Here is a little more for you to think about. Most of the new highly graphic jerseys use a process called dye sublimination. Most silk screeners will say it's no problem to screen or

heat press on names. But if the temperatures in the drying oven or platten press are too high,the colors can transfer from areas where fabrics sections lay against each other. It is very easy to ruin one or many jerseys if the setup isn't done properly.

01 wr426 street legal , used mainly on Michigan single track. many mods.

Mr Bill....

Give Christy a call at Sweet Bros Graphics, (770) 467-0353. She will be able to tell you how backed up she and Brad are. She told me that I could get a couple sets done by the end of the week.

Bonzai :)

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