fight against greenies continues!

Hello my freinds, after haveing numerous riding ares closed down because of insurance issues, but mostly treehuggers, my friend Ryan, (we are both 15), wrote a letter to the editor complaining about how we now have nowhere to ride, and it is forcing the local riders to start to ride in illegal areas, such as state forests and places like that. He also stated things like how golf courses pollute the world much more than small things like dirt bikers and the sport of motocross.

About a week after sending it in, he got a phone call from win TV (an Australia wide TV station) requesting an interview with him on TV!!!! :D So sometime sooon he will be doin an interview for "win NEWS" and he needs some evidence to back his statement up. If anyone knows any relevant info or sites to back up his and my statement, please post it here. Your help is greatly appreciated, It may be small but its a start. :)


NICE! Good for you man. We need people like you fighting for our sport.

Way to go. Keep up the awsome work. :)

I'm right behind ya man. I did teh same thing here but am getting no response. But if it help any there is greeneies here in the state burning S.U.V.'s and logging trucks. Which causes more polution than 10 dirtibkes would cause in a life time. Don't know about Aussie but i bet the same things are happening over their.

I saw something today that made me want to scream- the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute (a local group of greenies where I'm living) have a "van pool"- a great big Dodge van, NOT a minivan, that drags people around town apparently. What's funny is that the thing could seat about 8 people comfortably, and today it stopped and let a whopping two people out. Do you really think that is the most economical carpool vehicle? This idiots make me want to beat them senseless.

Cowboy, you have my blessing. Beat them senseless.

Im sure if you check some of the greenies own sites, you'll be able to find some "evidence" of run off pollution of some kind regarding golf courses. Also, be ready to be completely taken out of context and misrepresented by the media source that has granted the interview.

Gee, does it sound like I dont trust the media? Hmmm, I wonder why that is?

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