2004 yz450f correct oil pressure?

I just changed the Oil and filter and cleaned the oil strainer on the frame, it says in the service manual to check the oil pressure you start the engine and at a idle you break loose the oil gallery bolt by the oil delivery pipe and oil will start to seep from the oil gallery bolt if no oil comes out in one minute turn off the engine so it will not seize.

My question is how much oil should seep out in how long? when I do this oil will start to seep before one minute but it will not keep seeping out and how do I know if this is the correct oil pressure or do I just hope this is right and if the engine does not seize it is right.

When I had my 06 WR250F I did the same thing the first oil change. I was worried that there may not be enough pressure, but then I figured that it was only idling and may not be enough to really squirt out. I just tighted back up and rode. Never a problem in the 2 yrs. I had it.

Thats one step I always skip on an oil change. If it didn't seize with the old oil, why would it seize with new oil? The only way it will seize up from an oil change is if you forget to put oil back in.

Remember to use a torque wrench on the drain plugs on the YZF's. They can easily be over tightened and stripped..... don't ask me how I know this. :bonk:

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