New Pre-Prints arrived and are installed

Socal DeCal is a bit expensive but they did good work

I posted the snaps of my bike on Motomans memorial Forum here is the Link


SoCal did an awesome job on your backgrounds. They look great!


SWEET!!!!!!!!!! Super work...........

Dodger :D:)

Glad to see my advice worked out for you! But Garrett is really the one to thank for enlightening us once again with a great idea and a better way to do something? They look awesome. hope you can come down soon with the bike and family.

Did you have any trouble at all?



No trouble at all getting the prints on.

I will admit I was very leary on doing it, and really cautious. But the prints went on perfect. It did take some time to rube out the bubbles on the exhaust side as you said, but the warmer the water the easier it made the prints pliable.

Ya SoCal did a good job, I am impressed with the quality, and the look. They did mess up the front though, the Numbers are not centered, so looking at it it seems to be off about a 1/2 inch, no worries now we will see how customer service is. Also I ordered the duel pin strip came with one. thats ok just want the front to be fixed

Thanks matt for your help.

Thanks Garrett.

Hey Ego, how long did it take to get those prints.

I ordered a set of standard black backrounds with white numbers, nothing special last week. They need to be here by next week, I hope they get here or Ill be makin a quick trip to the moto shop and start to cut and paste....

the soap and water trick works nice but... go light on the soap..a drop in about 12 oz. of water is all you need ...i loaded up on the soap and the panel stickers never did stick right.i (like a dumb ass)smear dish soap all over the wet sponge then wet the sticky side ,applied, then squeegyed out the water... the soap was so slimey the sticker did not stay on...the next time i used very little soap and wahlah .. worked great. another trick, use windex it works like a charm and dries well.or a water sprayer with 10% rubbing alcohol and 90% water...shake it spray it squeegy it.. works real nice too.


I ordered them last week like tuesday. I t took about two weeks to get the design correct.

But once I oki doki the design. about 5 days

Startman is right on the soap.

Use hot water as hot as you hands can stand it.

Only about a drop or two just enough to foam up...

Keep it submerged as you work out the bubbles

Good luck

DeCal Works offers FREE install on any backgrounds purchased from them. They also have a install kit coming out soon.

DeCal Works also backs their product 100%

Hey EGO, it says you are temoporarily out of's a little late, and i think it is permanent, not temporary.... :)

EGO in exile is "Temporary" not permanent! :)

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