Extra fuel capacity

I'm looking to be able to carry additional fuel for some longer rides in Baja. I already have an IMS 4 gallon, and have tried the Acerbis rear fender mounted tank, but that didn't work out so well. I also carry a half gallon jug on my bars. Any other suggestions? Was thinking of mounting some sort of saddlebags, and put additional 1/2 gallon jugs in them. I need to be able to have a range of about 225 between fuel stops. I still need to double check my MPG. Thanks

Thumper. you're going to need about 2.5 to 3 gallons to get that range. A guy I ride with carries two tide laundry soap bottles with an army canteen belt around his waist. Another guy with us uses a slender water bottle and carries it in his backpack. These containers are available in varying sizes, I'd go as big as is comfortable. I saw the paniers or saddlebags somewhere on the internet, but I cant remember where. They had an aluminum frame and nylon bags, I'd go that route.

I know of one company that makes panniers, Dirt-bagz.com, but they run about $200. I may end-up bungee-cording a 2 gas jug to my rear fender since most of the riding is on highway or gravel/dirt roads.

You could go to www.bajadesigns.com and see if thier WR side, rear fender, and numberplate tanks will fit the 'ol XR. You could also convert your Camelback Drink System to an extra fuel tank, just don't drink the water! :)

The Acerbis front Aux fuel tank is 1.3 gallons and mounts where the headlight goes. You'd have to mount extend the headlight wiring and mount the headlight to the front of the tank.

Carrying gas on your body is pretty insane. Last year my friend was pouring gas on some weeds when the gas spontaneously ignited. He spent a few days in the burn unit. I think the same could happen in a crash that ruptured a plastic container and drained gas all over your body. Baja has lots of rocks and thorns.

My XR400 gets about 40mpg. If you are in deep sand, expect to get much less. I'd say you need about 7 gallons.

There are bigger tanks than 4 gallon gas tanks. Also, I think Acerbis made a handlebar mounted tank that carried about 1 gallon. A rear rack with a small gas can strapped down might work. Just empty the gas can ASAP. The drawback here is the weight is carried up high.

There are kits to make XR650's into ridable gas tanks, but I don't know of one for the XR400.

I've mentioned this before. Gas is about 7 lbs. per gallon. How much extra weight do you want to carry?

The Camelback idea wasn't supposed to be taken seriously!

Corey, what are you learning in that prison. Hey, how was your quad riding in Corona. Me and Kevin went to Gorman on Monday, it wasn't too bad. Actually had a good time. I mean it was no tent pitching party in the desert, but we got the helmets dirty! :)

It's hard to know when someone is joking or writing up a good solution. Coencidentally, I've just had a few conversations on how dangerous gasoline can be.

Here are ways to add 3.4 gallons to a bike.

Front Auxilary Fuel Tank - (white)


My friend used one on his KDX200. It automatically siphons fuel right into the main tank. The downside is you loose your headlight.

Rear Auxilary Fuel Tank - 1.6 gal. (white)



Could you get into your kids Monopoly Game and send me one of the "Get Out of Jail Free" cards? This 2-year sentence is going to ba a long one. Business Marketing, so I can move back to L.A. and open a cleaning business like you? Don't you clean helmets too?

I sent you a PM on the Corona trip. We rode out in Rubidoux, and there are some STUPID people that ride without a helmets! I was hoping for longer than 6 miles, but an injured rider shortened the trip a bit, not me.


Would you add one of those extra tanks to your bike? Has anyone had good successful range with all of them? Anyone know how far one can go with 'em? For an extra 50 lbs., I would have to reset the suspension, or ride a lot slower till I use it up!

You can put an Acerbis 5 gallon tank on that bike. It's the same tank they offer for the xr600. They offer a mounting kit to put it on the 400. They look decent on a 400.

If I still had one I'd give it to ya, but I don't.

Make a post here on TT in the parts section stating you're looking for one and maybe someone has one laying around. If it's older then maybe it's stretched a little over 5 gals.

You could probably even get another 1/2 gal out of it by expanding it. Ending up with 5.5 would be pretty cool.

When I need to carry extra (more than my 650r's 4.6 gals.) I do bottles on my fanny pack belt. Just recently we were messing around down south and I carried 3 extra gallons on my belt.


i have a buddy that carries extra gas in those aluminum fuel bottles sold at better outdoors stores. i think they are made by msr (not malcom). you all are probably aware of the smaller ones, but if you really look you can find larger capacity.

they seem to work well. they are long and slender about 16 inches long and i'm not sure on the capacity. since they are aluminum and have a screw cap he feels safe straping them to the back of his chest protector underneith his water system.

he sort of looks like bobbafet when he carries them.

the cool thing about them being long and slender is that you could concievably strap them somewhere on your frame or subframe.

like i said, they seem pretty bulletproof.

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