Alternate Battery for DRZ 400E

Does anybody know if there is another battery with reverse polarities for this model? I have heard there is one at half the cost of the stock battery. if you have heard of it what is the model number? Thanks

why would you want a battery with reverse polarity? :)

Of course there is one with reverse polarities, you just take the stock one and wire it up backwards! :)

do a search for:My battery died but I got a cheap alternative !!(good luck)

If you want to reverse it pick it up and turn it around & put it back down. :)

do a search using "powersonic" . they make a battery that is less expensive but it has spade type connections and you have to adapt your cables to fit but it's no problem at all .

Welcome tonyw

The bikes electrical system is negative ground.

Do NOT wire your battery up wrong, this is what it says in the owners manual..."Reversing the battery lead wires can damage the charging system and the battery.

The red lead must go to the positive (+)terminal and the black or black with white tracer) lead must go to the negative (-)terminal."

Older cars had reverse polarity electrical systems I remember having a car that was positive ground, it was a Ford Anglia a 1967 i think.

To fit a modern car stereo as in cassette player (chortle am I old or what?) to it you had to reverse the polarity of the alternator or you would fry the stereo :)

Yes...lots of people with early Mini's, Anglias and Cortina's etc fried their cassette players back then :D :D

You guys are taking him the wrong way, I think he meant he heard there is a cheaper replacement battery that just has the +/- terminal positions reversed. Of course it has to be wired up correctly.

Try going to a Yasua battery dealer and get a price from them when I priced a battery from the bike shop they wanted $108AUS so I tryed the battery dealer and got it for a lot cheaper just take the battery with you and get them to match it up or get the part number off the side the battery and tellthem that.

Got a perfect cross at WestCo Battery delivered to my

house for $43.00 :D, Local price was appx 100.00 :)!


Got a perfect cross at WestCo Battery delivered to my

house for $43.00

i was just wondering what model is the battery you got for 43.00 i am looking for one for my drz400s not sure if this is the one Battery



Batteries with reversed polaritys are very hard to come by. However in my 5 years of looking I have finally found one. If you would like to own it send 500 dollars too.... :)

i am just looking for a replacement batt for the stock



Hey Jack,

What is the # of the battery you got?

I need to order one.



I contacted WestCo and they said that they do not have a battery for this bike.

Did the one you got fit into the stock location without any trouble? Was it the same size as the original?


Oh yeah I tried to cross reference the Yuasa part # and the GS part # to every other bike, snowmobile and ATV. It looks like the Yuasa YT7B-BS adn the GT7B-4 only fit the DRZ400 and the 99-02 Yamaha TTR250 nothing else!

The Kawa Z400 did not come up anywhere.


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