has any1 raced a TTR125L against the CRF150F? witch is faster??


here we go again

Ask player125l, I'm sure he has some stories......

Yeah, key word STORIES. LOL :)

What I think he means to say and if not I will say it...Does the 150 have more power in stock form. I would think yes but if anyone has ridden both could they enlighten us. And hereistim since you are new here you don't know this yet but I will say it once for you. The bike does not matter in a race period it is 90% ability and 10% bike a slow rider on a fast bike is still a slow rider but a fast rider on a slow bike can still be a fast rider. Make sense.

yep. the rider makes the difference. same rider on both bikes? maybe someone unbiased can enlighten us. CRF has 25% more hp (11hp) but is also 25% heavier. For you guys that are racing the TTR, what classes is it eligible for?

TTR125L is eligible in the Supermini class at my local tracks. Of course it would be tough to win but just like yall said 90% rider 10% bike.

I've riden both bikes back to back. I had mine derestricted exhaust abd I think that was it cause at the time I wasn't allowed to do ANYTHING to it. The TTR125L I drove had a T-4 exhaust with more or thicker oil in the forks. Not sure about the airbox being deresticted. Well anyways, the CRF seemed to have alot more power, longer gears, faster high speed, and a more comfortable riding position. The TTR would only stay in a gear for about 30 seconds. It also had weaker suspension. I'm sure they could go up in a race together. But like people always say 90% skill 10% bike.

Thanks that is exactly the info I wanted seems like the crf is the way to go for the wife who will need more power than the 125's but doesn't want a bike that is too heavy.

It's not too heavy. I can pick it up alright and Im not the strogest person out there. A couple magazines have said the weight goes away when you start riding it.

Ahh i dont want to start but ill tell you this its not that hard beating a crf150 basicly the same thing and hey lunatic common lets keep it real :)

hey lunatic, where does the weight go :)

youre gonna loose fuel :D but any other weight loss and

you might want to stop and pick up whatever fell off that

overweight red pig :D


for that much weight is should have e start


later dude


i know... you mean that you dont feel the weight while riding...only while dragging it out of a ditch :D


After reading "Magazines", I almost bought my son a CRF BUT the bike is heavy and I don't care what anyone says, after a day in tight technical hills for a smaller rider that "dissapearing" weight will make for an exausting day.


You haven't figured it out yet! It aint the bike you little stud.

Here's one for ya', a stock XR100 will beat a stock CRF150 in a drag race everytime. It's been done over and over. I couldn't believe it.

LOL. When ever one of this red against blue forums start, it's chaos. :)

aint it great :)

I have ridden both bikes stock, and I don’t see any distinct advantage that one as over the other, for a smaller rider a ttr is best for a slightly bigger/stronger person the crf is better. Also keep in mid I blow off my cousin on his crf150 and he's been ridding 3 years more than I. (90%,10%) :)

Wait... So which bike is faster????

the ttr :)

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