CRF150 Jetting and starting?

Need help jetting my son's CRF 150. Bought new last month. We live at sea level in central California. We have removed Air box and Muffler restrictors. Have moved needle clip down one notch (Needle up). Pilot jet is out 2 1/4 turns. No other changes. Bike takes an awfully long time to start when cold. Starts and runs good when warmed up. Also what starting ritual do you use? I can start my YZ426F first kick in any situation, but not this little red devil when cold. Thanks for your help!

That's strange. I have mine at about the same settings and it starts within a few kicks with choke on. I also increased my idol a little bit, too. I know my info says I have all kinds of mods but I don't have the #108 main in, airfilter, UNI vents, or fire screen taken out. So it's like exactly like yours even with the turns out on the pilot and needle only one notch rasied. Plus I think I have colder weather because I'm up in Maine and sea level. It was about 20ish degress Fairenheight. Try going up a size or two on the pilot and see if that helps. Good luck!

(My bad about the spelling, I'm sick so I'm not using my whole brain right now) :)

I opened up my air box and bought the Honda jet kit. I put the choke fully on and crack the throttle and it starts on about the 2-3 kick. I can't let it idle for about a minute. After that it's fine.

Thanks for your comments guys. I guess there must not be many guys riding the 150 yet. We continue to make adjustments to the carb but just can't get it to start well when cold. Once warm, it's not a problem. Anymore feedback would be welcomed. Hot enough Spark? Or just a new model problem?

In the manual it said you should cahnge plugs when riding it under the 30's or so, I'm not sure on the exact temperture.

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