Race-Tech suspension

Hey guys, I recently came across the opportunity to have my 07 set up with Race-Tech suspension. Including new fork springs, valve job(with optional gold valve), a new rear spring (5.8 which is less than my 6.0 need for the fatboy syndrome I have) and a test session to dial it all in. Total cost is $380 unless I opt for the 6.0 spring and the gold valve which will add $275.

My question is if this is done will this make me happier than a pig in slop? I had an 06 WR250F and that was crap for my weight in the woods where I ride. The YZ450F is much better, but I am not sure how much this Race-Tech stuff will improve the ride.

I have a total budget of $800 and still need to get a spark arrestor, a new chain, and either new bars with a higher bend or risers.

I am 6'5" and 260lbs. and ride only woods if this info helps anyone. I also want to know if the cost is really a good deal or am I getting the regular price?

Thanks for any replies.

You want the heavier rear spring for sure. Gold valving if you are riding woods is wasting your money IMO. I noticed a night and day difference at the track when I went up one size rear spring from stock.

yeh, i agree with DR. the heavier spring is a must, but if you budget shop on eBay or on the forum here, you can find taller bars or risers for a really good deal, same goes for the pipe to.

It is your lucky day.

Here is a tip

Have your suspension done buy http://www.slavensracing.com/

He is cheep and world famous.

A master at setting a bike up for the woods.

Throw your stuff in an old gun case and send it to him.

You will love your bike when he gets it done.

Like the other posts said. If you don't spend the money to get the springs you need so you can set your sag right. You will waste your money on all the other mods. Buy the springs, set your sag on both ends, than ride the thing to see what you realy have. Change the oil in both ends before changing valving so you will have a base line to work from. This will make it easer for a shock/fork guy to make any mods you want.

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