WILD FX is this you???

I got this vid from gixxer.com posted by a guy named "skidmark" from Vancouver. Sure looks like your bike! It's spending an awful lot of time on the ground in the video though... :)

Here's a link to the thread at gixxer.com

LMAO, it sure looks like him!

That's him, no doubt about it.

He said he was trying to scrap it. nice vid! :)

That's got to be him.


Did yer bike not get enough rest the night before? It sure wanted to lie down an awful lot! :)

Ya thats me :D And me pukin :D

I was so sick that trip along with being sick of a few other things. :)

You noticed they edited what I said :D

So how come the only clips of you are ones where you dump it? That ain't right! We've all seen what you can do, why didn't they put in any of that in there? Those guys sport bike bigots or something? They'll only show the motard guy when he's on his ass? :):D

Ya true :D They had some sweet footage of me at the track and nothing :) oh well another day :D

did your mate get pissed that you chucked in his van ?

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