LeoVince X3 Full Ti System...any good?

was wondering if anyone has/had it or knows anyone that has/had it...and thoughts on it...i found one new with the carbon fiber can pretty cheap..and curious if it performs well or not...or what your thoughts on the best full system wound be...when i bought the bike it had a full pro circuit ti4 system on it..but its a little banged up and was thinking of replacing it... id be using it on an 06 yz450...thanks in advance for any input!

I have one on my bike and like it a lot. Its very quite compaired to other systems and the quality is awesome. The one I have is 3660. Full Ti and Carbon end cap. It comes with a nice carbon heat shield. Jetting did not change much.

thats what i had thought that dr d was supposed to be the best...but this leo vince is the #3770..brand new in the box..full carbon fiber can and end cap..full titanium header mid etc..carbon fiber heat shield...with all hardware and wash plug for $350...seemed like a steal...but not if it makes it a slug..lol

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