sand dunes

i'm looking on buying a new bike and the yzf250 is one of my choices. how well does this bike handle in sand. my main worry is the power. i mostly ride trails (Gorman, CA) but when it's snowing or to cold to go i like to go to pismo beach. i ride a 96 cr125 right now and i have to have to throttle pined to have fun, but that sucks on the motor already on my 3rd top end in 3 years. i don't want to get either of the 450's because i don't need that much power. so will this bike work good or should i get a 250 two-stroke. i weight 185 6'0 been riding since i was 18 (4 years)i always rode when younger but not hard.

1st off, three top ends in three years on a 2-stroke 125 is not unusual. The 250F is going to have more torque and more power everywhere, but not mountains more power. If you want to tractor around in the sand you may want a 450. For everything else though, the 250F rules!

To answer your question, you need to deceide if you want a dune bike or a trail bike. The YZ250 (2 smoke) would make the better dune bike, the 250F the better trail bike.

I do about 250 miles a year on sand dunes (Silver Lake, MI) and can't wait to go back. With a 250F (8 paddle on the rear, D773 on the front) you have to plan your attacks on the big hills, it's not "point and shoot" like it is on the bigger bikes. Compared to your present bike, the power is better everywhere; low, mid, and high. You have to look at the percentage of time at the dunes vs. trails and make your decision. If it's mostly trails, the the 250F is better than the 250 2 stroke.

my 250f does fine in the dunes. the front end wants to tuck a bit more than a 2-stroke but thats normal. power wise its fine. i would go 1 tooth smaller on the rear to get more speed for the big jumps but 4th gear tapped and you can hit some pretty big jumps.

never mind the 3rd gear pinned thing. thats for my 90. :)

i would say i ride 80% trails and 20% sand dunes. it's really not more speed i'm looking for i guess it's more usable power. like not having to keep it pinned the hole time, (i'm not joking) i love everything about my 125 except the power.

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