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looking on getting the new crf250r when (if) it comes out. my question is to you 4-bang riders is how well do you think this bike will handle in the sand dunes of pismo beach. i mostly ride trails in gorman, ca but when it's snowing or to cold i go to the sand. i weight 185 6'0 been riding for 4 years. i don't want to jump to the big 450, or do you think a cr250 will be a better bike for the two different types of riding.

The 250f would be sweet for the trails, but you arent exactly a midget, so you might want the power...the 450 is really easy to ride...DINGA

No one here has had the previlage of riding a CRF250 until they come out, I can tell you this, I have riden the YZ250F and I was dissapointed, it is faster than a 2 smoke 125 but not even close to a 250. The 450 is an awesome machine that IS very EASY to ride! You can lug it thru tight woods or if you prefer scream it on a racetrack, either way it is very predictable. Keep in mind that the CRF250R will be designed for 125 size racers, you could wait and see if Honda releases the 450 in the "X" model for the woods? :)

i had a filling that i would get a lot of "get the 450" witch is understandable beacause it's sweet bike but for me it's just too much power that i'll never use. i like my 125 but i need more power but not that much. when i ride ny brothers cr250 i have never even came close to using all that power. i think i'm going to talk my brother into getting a 450 so i can take over his, but i don't know these new 4-stroke mx bike are real sweet.

Not to steer you away from the red :) but what about a KTM 200 SX. Seems to fill the gap between 125 and 250. If you don't need a specific "class" bike, then that may be right up your alley.

Now i'm not trying to draw u away from honda or infect the sight but if you don't want to wait the WR250F or the YZ250F is right up your alley. But like I said that is if you are like me and can't wait for a bike and have to ride immediatly.

i can wait for a bike so i'll most likely get the crf250r but i still like my brothers cr250. i also have a a lt250r quad so i ride that in the sand but i like to fill of two wheels.

Even if the CRF 250 is way better than the YZF 250, it still wouldn't be good in the sand. I just rode a YZ 250f and couldn't beleive how gutless it was. I weigh 228 and maybe that's part of it, but all the hype about how powerful those bikes are is way over blown. For the sand, two-strokes are the best. Mine is a blast. And there is no such thing as too much power. You don't have to twist the throttle all the way, if you don't want to, but nothing is worse that riding a weak bike in the sand.

I find my CRF in the sand is like walking a Pit Bull through a kids play ground.....Its fine 99% of the time but when it lets go its not pretty!

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