XR440 Jetting

After lurking for eons I've finally got a question I can't find the answer to by doing a search....My 97 XR400 is in the shop getting overbored to 440cc. What jetting changes will be required from my previous 158 main and 60 pilot (stock carb with needle and slide upgraded)?


Tell em to slap on a Quicksilver carb while it's in there. No more jetting problems. Or you can keep your stock carb and try a 162 main. What altitude do you do most of your riding?

Try www.xrsonly.com they should be able to assist you. Does the shop you are having the kit installed know?

I'm riding at about sea level and have never really had to sort out jetting by trial and error as there are altitude and temperature charts with recommended jet settings published by Honda. If I could get a ballpark figure of what works best for you guys that would be awesome. It's getting harder and harder to resist a pumper carb though since the bike runs noticably different with a moderate change in temperature with the stock carb. Also, everyone raves about the increase in torque and responsiveness from a pumper.

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