What was I thinking

I don’t know what I was thinking at the time or should I say not thinking at all. I was back from school for a three-day weekend this past weekend. For the first day I completely cleaned the hold bike. The next day I went out for a ride but there was something wrong with bike. It started up just fine but when I took it out on the track, the bike seemed it was struggling to get me around the track. The bike bogged down low to where it almost stopped running. I thought I got something in the exhaust because not much air was being pushed out the exhaust. I took off the silence to see if something was obstructing the silencer flow but their was nothing. I took off the header and there was nothing in there. I took off the carb to see if something fell in but their was nothing. I drained out the old gas so fresh gas could be put back in. I started the bike but it still had no power. I gave up and took my bike to a friend of mine. I went by his place to picked up the bike the next day and he had a little grin on his face. I asked him what the problem was. He said the jetting was perfect but was little over on oil. I asked by how much did I go over. He said I put in 5 qts. of oil. Another guy who was in the garage busted out laughing. He, my friend, asked how much oil goes in the car I just drove up in. I said four qts. Again we all started to laugh. I asked if this hurt the bike. He said it didn’t do much to the bike if I only rode the bike around for a little while which I did. Just with we had finished laughing real hard on the bike being three qts. of oil over, he checked the air pressure in the front tire. He looked the tire pressure gauge and said, “What the f*#k, 74 lbs. Sh%t, I would still freak out if this was the pressure in my truck.” Again we all busted out laughing again while he was spinning the front tire to see if there was a bulge. He let out the air and put it back to 18 lbs. After he was finished over looking the bike, and when every his going to write a book, he’s going to put this story in the book.

OK, how the hell did you manage to do this? :)

Do you work on your bike in your sleep? Please give an explanation. :):D

WOW! I hope this was only a temporary lapse of situational awareness :)

Hahaha I think somebody may need a vacation! Either way too funnY! :D :D :):D :D

Mate seriously u dont have to tell theses storys to other ppl heck if it had of been me

i woulda stayed inside the house for the next six months in embaresment !

now that i've said that.... i went riding and forgot to put the 2 bolts that hold the seat in...

when i stood up after riding for about 20 min it fell off.... good thing i was going slow

however i had just been doing wheelies standing on the seat @ 100km/h + !!!!

hmmmm moral of story be awake whe working on bike! :)

My bike brand new from the dealer had over three quarts of oil in it, go figure. :)

My dealer forgot to put acid in the battery.

Way back when, I had the swing arm nut loosen up was ground down by the countershaft mounted disk brake on my 88 ATK 250 . The guy I bought the bike from was looking the bike over and said... " hey shouldn't there be a nut there..." I felt smart...

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiigggg??????? :)

I'm betting all the work done to your bike was done at a shop? (e.g. the 470 kitt, the filter, the suspenion...

You really need to learn up about your bike, read through the manual alittle :D

Good question...what were you thinking? Actually, that was a great story...it actually made me smile at work :D

It reminds me of the time my buddie was filling his tire with air. (he is a mountain biker, so he was not familiar with the PSI on an MX) And the next thing I knew, there was a loud ..BANG....and my buddie was sittin' there, knees wobbling, a ripped tire, and a dumb look on his face! :D I couldn't beleive how much air he put in it. :)

Anyway...thanx for sharing!

that is one funny story, so far my greatest mech bike blunder

was riding off with my front disc locked... :D

Yeah MTB tires can take it, I must say the design and selection

of MTB tires is better also, but I wont go putting 65lbs in my KLX tires... :)

If you guys saw my other post, I had a banner day working on the bike on Monday...

First, I dropped the frame drain bolt down into my skidplate while changing my oil. The result was a 45 min wrestling match with rusty, dirt-caked skid plate bolts -- fought on my back, lying in the oil drops I spilled while draining the oil.

But wait, not over yet. Then I thought I'd let any air out of my forks by opening up the bleeder screws. But wasn't paying attention, started cranking on my rebound clickers instead. After wondering why the air bleed screw was stuck (after I got the clicker to hardest setting), I cranked a little harder and...bingo! I broke the head of the clicker screw, leaving the body stuck in the fork. Then I realized, "hey, that's not the air bleed...oh cr@p!"

I should have given up at this point, but no...I still needed to cut down my new Renthal bars. Shooting for 30" wide, I was an inch too aggressive on the first cut because I forgot to consider the width of the saw blade in the measurement. Bars ended up around 28" wide, which I thought could be cool until I tried fitting all levers, switches, etc. back on the bars. Finally got it all to fit, but then...no luck on the handguards, no way.

Now I've had to order a new screw, and will have to take the fork cap off, get the old screw out, install the new one and put em back together. At my speed, that's an hour.

I also have ordered new bars (I wanted CRHi's anyway, these were lows) for $70 and will need to install these. Another hour, plus the hour wasted messing with the ones I cut short. Plus an hour wrestling with the skid plate.

Yep, nearly four hours of work and $90 in parts for maintenance that should have taken 45 minutes and cost $0!

(that's nothing though -- just ask Beezer about his new movie "Dancing with Engines," starring Kevin Costner as the Beez.)


Don't feel too bad. Here's my story: Whilst adjusting the valves on my Ninja 600, I dropped a 10mm socket down the timing chain opening in the center of the engine. I searched and searched but couldn't see it. Took the oil pan off and searched some more-still couldn't find it. Stuck a bore scope up from the bottom and saw the damn thing sitting on top of a bend in the chain, wedged between the chain and the engine block but completed hidden from the top or the bottom. I spent a couple evenings with every type of magnet or grabber trying to reach that thing. Finally after fishing around for 20 mins with a borrowed high-powered Snap-On retrieval magnet, I heard, "thook". Pulled the magnet out and there the bastard was! Man, I danced and whooped so that the neihbors probably thought I was crazy.

One time i was bleeding my brakes into a budweiser can. Got done and went to take a swig of my beer. You guessed it.... I PICKED UP THE WRONG CAN!!!! I wont do that again.


My wife told me she was staying a family freinds farm over the summer when she was 13. One day she asked if there was any thing she could do. the old farmer said check the oil in the tractor and add some oil if it needed it & there is a case of oil for it next to the tractor. Soon she went back the the farmer & said we are all out of oil.he said but that was a full case.she replied I know but it looks like it will take one more because it not quite to the top of the opening where you it in!!You guessed it straight 6 cylinder all the way to the top of the valve cover :):D :D

LOL!!! That sucks!!!

One time i was bleeding my brakes into a budweiser can. Got done and went to take a swig of my beer. You guessed it.... I PICKED UP THE WRONG CAN!!!! I wont do that again.


I've got a good one...

I was working as a line mechanic(flat rate) at a dealership which was offering a free complete car check promotion. I sold and did a timing belt on a 3 liter nissan wagon and it came back to me a week later with a belt noise. Before I checked out the problem I thought I would be nice and top of the fluids including the winshield wiper fluid. I overspilled a little fluid and some had gotten on the belts. I saw that the belts could use a little snugging up so I did. When I started the car it turns out the ac compressor was seized and the belt would make a squeeling noise on it. But now with the added alcahol and extra tension it lit on fire! Catching all the wiring on fire. I turned around and grabbed what I thought was water(more flamable alchohol based windshield wash) and tossed it on the already growing fire! In the process I had also managed to catch myself, from the waist down, on fire!

Lucky for me the mechanic next to me had more sense and doused me with the fire extinguisher and also put out the car fire. The owner of the car, a woman and her young son looked on in amazment. I heard him say "Mommy, he burned our car!" lol Needless to say my days were numbered after that!

FEspnda,I just shot a full drink of sprite out my nose reading that bit about catching yourself on fire.That is funny as hell :)

I have a fire (well almost) story as well.

I was on an extended motorcycle trip with my wife about 10 years ago. We pulled into a gas station just outside of Gallup New Mexico. I was filling the tank and my wife went inside to get a drink and pay for the gas. A very cute 18 or 19 year old pulls in to get gas on the on the other side of the island. We start talking about the trip I'm on and other such small talk while I continue to pump my gas. She looks over at my bike and says, "gas is coming out of your tank". Heck, I was looking at her the whole time expecting the auto shut-off to warn me (It was broke). I stop filling and see that there's gas fumes rising from my motor/exhaust and it's just about to burst it flames. Luckily there was a bucket of windshield water right there, I grabbed it as fast as I could and threw it on my bike before it could light. That scared the crap outa me. Talk about a big mess too.

So just then my wife comes out of this gas station, takes a look at the situation and asks what happened. Before I could tell her she looks at the girl looks at me and says, "Let me guess, you got distracted" All I could say is "kinda".

The rest of the trip was less eventful.

BTW-I'd pumped almost 1/2 a gallon more than my tank held. And I wasn't empty when I'd started. Did I tell ya she was CUTE?

Anybody ever FILL your front forks up. I did and the result was a broken leg. Guess that taught me.. Nah I still work on my bike. I did that like 25 years ago.

"Anybody ever FILL your front forks up"

Not me, but I bought a bike like that. I test rode it too, didn't even notice until I tried to compress the forks to tie it down on the trailer :)

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