'02 YZ throttle stop on an '03 WR

My WR is coming in on monday or tuesday :). I guess the '03 YZ no longer has a throttle stop - does this mean that we can just remove the WR throttle stop? I know Jim in Oregon cut his to size, but if we can't remove it completely, can we put an '02 YZ stop in its place???

Lemme know, Bud

use part number 5JG-14591-00

Thanks. Bud

Where are you riding this weekend?

I can't, I'm working both days. How about you. Piru? Or are you hitting the trails?

charlie ,my 450 should arrive this week,is it mandatory to put in the yz stop or can you just file off the original and ride,also could you tell me more info.such as grey wire? air box mods,any other tricks you have up your sleeve?thanks p.s can i run a little maxima 927 in the bike just for a rush

yes you can file off the original but it is cleaner to get the dealer part. Chance are they will have it for you when you pick up your bike and do it for you before you take delivery. The only other mods I have done is unplugging the muffler and the airbox.

I will be putting a new larger front rotor and braided brake line on it soon along with frame and fork guards plus a skid plate and an hour meter.

Hitting gormans track, they switched directions again and now have a triple! Put up a post when you head out riding! I'm trying to sell my bike to get a 450 YZ or CR not sure yet, got to sell mine first! Talk to you later, Mike.

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