Won't idle until warmed up!

It s me the new guy getting used to the bike. I have a D&M tool on order to play a little but for now when cold I have to hold open the throttle some for about a minute before it will idle after warm up it starts very well!

When you get the D&M tool we will walk you through a quick mixture check and tunning procedure. The bikes come from the factory rich and require some fine tunning which is easy to do with the D&M tool.


The idle screw may be set too low. These things idle @ 2100rpm.

When you get the D&M tool you will be able to set the engine idle right where Kevin said. Be sure to read the thread on Great news from Optimum concerning which version of windows software to run on the laptop.


Thanks guys, It didn't even cross my mind about the idle setting. When its warm it idled just fast enough not to die. So I warmed it up and set the idle at a gestimate of 2k he he! The next day I returned to start it (35F outside) and cranked with 2 turns of the starter!! COOL! But my D&M tool will be here on Monday.

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