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2002 wr 250 free mods

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Hello , just bought a 2002. Looking to up grade to run good for tight trails,hills, bogging when needed,and run good overall with out missing. Questions of these ,,,,,,,,,,, (((throttle stop ,exhaust baffle ,gray wire , airbox, remove whole thing or just 2 vents that are screwed in lid))) which of these should be done in conjuction of others.Thanks for your options and advice. Dave

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welcome to the train wreck that we call thumpertalk. to answer some of your new-to-the-WRF questions, some swell guys have put together a FAQ for the 250F's which should answer a lot of them...

Rick and Sean's Excellent Yamaha 250F FAQ

then check out the TT search button in the top center of this screen; plug in some of the keywords of the subjects you listed. meanwhile, call up your local dealer and order an '03 YZF exhaust cam -- you'll thank me later.


you didn't mention whether or not you knew the previous owner of the bike, but since it's cold as all heck in VT right now, it might be good time to take a peek at the guts of the linkage and see if all is well down there before the winter thaw starts in late june. same with the steering stem. also dump the old brake fluid while you are at it.

there is some good info here on the linkage etc.:

click here for the "End of Year Maintenance" thread

and some bad advice here: :)

stooooopid, i know...

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

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